Jewelry Health Checks

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If you’ve ever walked into a Shane Co. store, you already know that we love to clean your jewelry and get it as sparkly as possible for you. If you ‘ve just started your Shane Co. collection, you may not know that we will clean it for you as often as you’d like AND at no cost to you, for as long as you own it. While cleaning your jewelry does get it to be its sparkliest (and who doesn’t want that?), that is not the only reason we offer to clean your Shane Co. jewelry free of charge.

Just like a person, your jewelry needs regular health checks

We like to see you and your jewelry aboutonce every six months. While this information is stated on your certified appraisal, we can provide you free email reminders through our Shane Co.

MyWay™ program. This reminder is so easy to sign up for and you can do so yourself online today.  You can also mention that you would like to be signed up during  your next visit to our store!

We know you have a life outside of our store,and do not require you to be here on a specific day to keep your warranty valid like some other places do; but, these reminders will make it convenient to know when your biannual jewelry checkup is approaching.  So if you haven’t signed up for this service yet, please don’t hesitate to stop in and do so.

A lot of people think when they come in all we do is simply clean their pieces. While that is part of it, we are also checking other things as well. It is important to us that your jewelry is still wearing well for you. If you are experiencing any problems with any pieces, whether  it’s the fit of a ring or the tightness of an earring back, we want to know. We will do our best to get these concerns taken care of for you.

We also check every stone on every piece of jewelry you have. Whether it’s a pave engagement ring or a pendant with multiple stones, each and every stone gets checked for tightness. If we do find any loose stones, we can get it a into our shop immediately while it’s still just wiggly, before you look down one day and see a stone that is missing. Of course, if you’ve given us the opportunity to maintain the piece and you find that you are missing a stone from normal wear and tear, that is 100% covered by our Free Lifetime Warranty. But if we can prevent that by catching a loose stone early, we absolutely will.

Your Shane Co. consultant looks over all of your pieces thoroughly  to try to catch any potential problems.. Sometimes the prongs on your pieces are so tiny, it is hard to notice without a 10x magnification loupe that one is pulled up and requires maintenance in our shop.. We take great care of your jewelry, and we want the opportunity to look at your pieces every six months to make sure we can prevent anything unfortunate from happening.

We look forward to seeing you on your next visit. We can either sign you up for these important reminders, or re-start the reminder you have in place to keep it active!

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