A Present for the Big Push

Most don’t hear about a push gift until they’ve decided to start a family of their very own. A majority of new moms have heard of it, while most new fathers have not. That is, until they are sent out on the hunt for it. A push present is a gift that traditionally the father would give the mother on the day of her delivery, hence the name “push” present, which symbolizes his gratitude to her for bringing their child into the world and deepens their parental bond. Jewelry, like for most momentous occasions, is typically a gift for such an event. Not only can she wear it every day, but she can hand it down to future generations. It’s a keepsake and an heirloom.

When it comes to the push present, there are no rules or guidelines. Some would say that makes it hard. I say, choosing such a gift is fun and special because there is not a wrong way to do it. Some fathers choose jewelry they can engrave with the name or initials of the new baby, while others choose a birthstone piece. The father can also start a charm bracelet or stackable ring collection. And when nothing else seems to be the perfect baby-themed gift, some fathers will just select an item they know the mother would love in general!

Here are some great ideas and why they would be the perfect gift for a push present:


These delicate rings are very versatile and fun. You can wear them with a wedding set or on a separate finger all together. They are stackable and each one can have a special meaning. They can also be engraved.


These are just a few of the exclusive charms that Shane Co. offers. Add them to a bracelet or necklace to tell your family’s unique story. You can add a new charm for every special occasion.

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Pendants that can be engraved offer a customized way to showcase the new addition to your family.

Family Collection Necklace

Our Family Collection pendants and rings are the perfect way to create a lasting impression. You can personalize them with gemstones for each family member.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to make the gift memorable and unique. Find something that she will wear for many years to come and every time she looks at it, she will remember her most cherished gift of all, the birth of your child.

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