Stay On-Trend With Baguette Wedding Bands

Baguette diamond engagement ring.

If you’ve been paying attention to all the latest fashion trends, you’ve probably seen baguette stones pop up on a pretty regular basis. In engagement rings, they complement an emerald cut center stone beautifully. With a clean and modern look, these stones make an impact whether they’re set east-west or north-south. Because of their unique facets, the quality of baguette stones must be higher in order to create a cohesive style, giving baguette bands an incredibly sparkly and elegant appearance.

The history of baguettes

The baguette stone gained popularity during the early 1900s throughout the Art Deco period, largely because of its geometric, symmetrical shape, which was extremely fashionable at the time. In this era, fine jewelry largely disobeyed conventional norms, instead leaning toward diamond shapes and metals that weren’t just the more traditional round diamond set in platinum that was popular years earlier.

Two of the most famous baguette rings in history were worn by style icons Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe in the early 1950s. Not only did they break the convention of a traditional engagement ring, but their baguette rings began to shape a new culture of unique, personalized wedding jewelry.

Emerald + baguette = a match made in heaven

Since the introduction of these uniquely shaped stones, they tend to be seen alongside each other because of their similar appearances. From a distance, one can even mistake an emerald cut for a baguette — the main difference is that while emerald cut diamonds feature polished corners, baguettes feature more angular ones. Emerald diamonds also tend to come in larger sizes than baguettes.

These diamonds are popular with celebrities because of their exquisite shape, but they are also known for the way in which they show flaws — both in clarity and color. Because of their stepped faceting, emerald cut diamonds show inclusions and yellow coloring to the naked eye much more clearly than other cuts. In order to have a great-quality emerald cut diamond, it needs to be nearly flawless, meaning graded between a VVS1/2 and F-D, thus making it more expensive for a larger carat size.

Today’s glamour

Woman wearing stacked baguette wedding bands.

The steadily maintained trend of classic, dainty engagement rings can absolutely be attributed to the rise in popularity of baguette wedding bands. They pair especially well with stones that are similarly faceted, such as asscher, radiant and emerald cut diamonds. Because alternative diamond shapes have been steadily rising in popularity, this style is especially relevant for a vintage-style look that fits into all the latest trends.

How are brides wearing their bands?

Rather than choosing an engagement ring that speaks to their personal style, on-trend brides have begun choosing simpler engagement rings and showing off with a unique wedding band. Historically, baguette bands were only shown in white gold, but with rose gold and yellow gold growing in popularity, customers are loving the new modern appeal of these combinations. Brides are wearing their baguette bands both as a single wedding band and styled with vintage and classic pavé bands in a stylish stack.

Get the look

Try this unique style for yourself with some of our favorite picks:

Baguette and diamond wedding band with pave set diamonds.

This unique Baguette & Diamond Wedding Band almost gives the appearance of a band stack, with a layer of baguette diamonds sitting gracefully on top of pavé-set round diamonds in 14k white gold.

Simple baguette diamond wedding band.

For a chic and simple look, try this Pave-Set Baguette Diamond Wedding Band. This popular style looks great with any style of engagement ring by adding a hint of Hollywood glamour.

Baguette and round diamond wedding band.

Made with timeless 14k yellow gold, this Baguette and Round Diamond Wedding Band provides the ultimate sparkle. With seven brilliant round and six baguette diamonds, it’s the ring you’ll love to wear.

Round and baguette diamond contour wedding band.

This Baguette and Round Diamond Contour Wedding Band provides the perfect resting place for your engagement ring, combining two popular trends in one beautiful ring. The round and baguette diamonds complement the sleek yellow gold band perfectly.

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