Must-Have Accessories for the Summer Bride

Who doesn’t love a summer wedding? As a summer bride, it can be hard to take the spotlight with all the bright colors and beauty the season has to offer. Check out these sparkling accessories that will help you stand out on your big day.


When you think of classic wedding jewelry, you can’t help but think about pearls. A cultured freshwater pearl earring and necklace set is a stunning finishing touch for your bridal look. The bright white of the pearls is sure to pop off your warm skin tone and catch the eyes of your guests.

Chances are you spent a lot of time picking the colors and theme of your wedding. Why not pay homage to all that work? Wear a bracelet that complements one of your colors. In this case it’s okay if your jewelry matches the napkins. Clean and classic or vintage and whimsical, there’s always a jewelry style to match.

Nothing grabs attention like a shimmering statement piece. This is your big day, so don’t be shy—go big! Wear something that makes you feel like royalty. A diamond-encrusted necklace and earrings may not be everyday pieces, but they certainly will become heirloom pieces that you can hand down to future generations for their own wedding day.

Jewelry, like your wedding, should be a blend of you and your unique personality. Something that will be special to you and remind you of the day that two became one. Shop more beautiful styles for summer weddings at

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