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We are approaching the time of year when wedding planning is in full gear and stress levels are high. With all that stress, I am sure the last thing on the bride-to-be’s mind is what gifts to present to the members of her bridal party. As gifts go, there are many options. It can just be a lovely token of the bride’s love and affection or it could also be something the bridal party could wear in the wedding. A special gift from Shane Co. is something that will last her year after year and will easily be incorporated into her jewelry wardrobe. Many bridesmaids may not wear their dresses again after the wedding, but the jewelry does not need to be limited in that way.

Incorporating the bride’s color scheme into the bridesmaids’ styling can help solidify the overall look of the wedding, so make sure their jewelry doesn’t go unnoticed. Classic pearl jewelry can be just the right thing to enhance the bridesmaids’ dresses. Whether you choose stud earrings or a matching 2- or 3-piece set, any piece will give the bride’s right-hand ladies a classy, dressy appearance that will also look great in the wedding photos.  With Shane Co.’s enormous selection of pearl jewelry, there’s something to fit every budget.

Freshwater pearl bracelet Pearl earrings Pearl set for bridesmaids

Freshwater pearl bracelet [$95] | Freshwater pearl earrings [$50]Freshwater pearl set [$225]

If the bride was planning to wear pearls for her big day and does not want her bridal party to wear them as well, we have a number of silver options that perfectly fit the bill like sterling silver pendants. You can even engrave many of our items with each woman’s initials and the wedding date. It’s personal, but more casual, letting the bride shine as the center of attention. We have many styles to choose from, whether the bride wants to give each bridesmaid a different style or a matching style. Each necklace gives a bit of shine and sparkle from a distance, but will go with just about any wedding color scheme or degree of formality.

41066999_NP_M Engravable necklace Diamond and sterling silver pendant

Sterling silver circle necklace [$165] | Engravable Infinity Necklace [$75] | Sterling Silver and Diamond Pendant [$375]

To give the bridal party a pop of color, Shane Co.’s exotic mineral collection is great. We have many looks and colors to choose from. No matter what the wedding colors are, we have the perfect choice.

I know that bridesmaids’ dresses in more neutral or monochromatic tones like grey or black are increasingly popular, so a pop of color in the jewelry can act as the eye catcher. Our exotic minerals are set in sterling silver and we have pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in an assortment of colors and minerals. Many styles have matching pieces to create a complete set. In some of our styles, the minerals are accompanied by pearls for added glamour. Depending on the time of day, something with a dressy feel might be nice.

Pink and Black Bridesmaid Gift

Blush Stone Sterling Silver Earrings [$37] | Colorful Dangle Earrings [$75] | Teardrop Black Agate Pendant [$37]

With so many pieces to choose from we have the perfect bridesmaids gifts to suit any budget and look. Wedding planning is typically stressful. Don’t let the decision of what to give your bridesmaids add to the anxiety. If you have  a color or inspirational picture bring it with you to our store or visit our bridesmaid jewelry webpage and we will find the perfect gift that she can show off during the reception and for many years to come.

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