Get Peace of Mind with Shane Co. MyWay

When you shop at Shane Co., you get quality jewelry that comes with our Free Lifetime Warranty. But after leaving the store, you might be concerned that you won’t remember to bring in your prized jewelry every six months for a cleaning and inspection. Or worse, what if you misplace your warranty paperwork? Don’t worry—there is an easy solution! Shane Co. offers a unique and ingenious way to track your jewelry cleanings and inspections: Shane Co. MyWay. Here are a few examples of the amazing tools you’ll have at your disposal when you create your Shane Co. MyWay account:

  • Automated Clean and Check Reminders: Every six months you will receive an email or text message reminding you that it’s time to bring in your Shane Co. jewelry for a cleaning and warranty inspection. Best of all, your warranty inspection can be logged in the database so you don’t have to bring your paperwork with you.
  • Reminders for Gift-Giving Occasions: Are you afraid you might forget your anniversary? Or a special someone’s birthday? What about your niece’s graduation? Don’t fret! With Shane Co. MyWay, you will be reminded about every special occasion. You’ll never have to worry about being empty-handed.
  • Gift Ideas: You have just been reminded of a gift-giving occasion, but what should you buy? Shane Co. MyWay provides customized gift recommendations that are based on your loved one’s personal jewelry preferences. You will discover the latest and hottest styles, right from your inbox.
  • Tailored Emails: Worried about receiving unwanted emails? You can customize your preferences and only receive occasional emails about the topics you have expressed interest in.

The Shane Co. MyWay program was designed with your needs in mind. Sign up here and start experiencing the power of Shane Co. MyWay for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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