Working from Home? Here’s How to Look Your Best in Webcam Meetings

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From constant Slack communications to seeing the inside of your boss’s home, recent events have forced many of us to embrace a landscape where working from home is the “new normal.” While it can be tempting to put on the same pair of sweats every day (and, trust us, we don’t blame you if you haven’t done laundry in weeks), getting ready for the work day can offer a sense of normalcy and calm in an otherwise constantly changing world. Here are some of our recommendations for how to look your best in all your virtual meetings.

1. Dress from the waist up

No surprise here: Your coworkers are more likely to see just your top half when you’re signing in on Zoom. Now’s the perfect time to experiment with pretty necklines and cozy-yet-cute tops to show off in all your meetings.

2. Invest in a pair of hoops

Nothing says “casual chic” like a classic pair of hoops. Since your face is getting a little extra (virtual) attention, rock a pair of delicate huggies or complement a plain white tee with a bigger, eye-catching pair. Need recommendations? See below for our favorites.

Hoop Earrings in 14k Yellow Gold
Hoop Earrings With Diamond Accent
14k Rose Gold Hoop Earrings

3. Design a skincare routine

Even if you’re forgoing your regular makeup favorites for a more bare-faced look, now is the perfect time to invest in an ongoing skincare routine. Give your face a breather from full-faced coverage and allow it to heal. A good dose of moisturizer and a little bit of highlighter is a gorgeous go-to for your webcam meetings.

4. Go for a statement necklace

This one rings true especially if you’re opting for more simple earrings. Try a unique necklace to draw attention to your face and offer a put-together look…even if you don’t feel very put-together. Here are a few styles to try:

Layered Necklace in Sterling Silver
Sapphire and Diamond Twisted Circle Pendant
Marquise London Blue Topaz Teardrop Pendant

5. Make eye contact

It can be easy to get distracted by the collection of faces on the screen during a video call. The best way to maintain professionalism? Maintain eye contact as best you can with whoever is speaking. This will not only help you pay better attention to what’s being said, but will also force you to show off your most flattering angle.

6. Rely on your favorite pieces

Like comfort food, a sentimental pendant, sparkling engagement ring, or well-loved pair of studs can help to bring your whole look together, while making you feel more confident in any professional scenario. Lean on your classic faves to bring a little familiarity to a crazy time. You can shop online at to find the perfect pair of studs, a simple diamond necklace, or a new band to add to your wedding stack.

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