How to Personalize Your Gift

With the holidays fast approaching, one thing is sure to be on all of our minds: gift buying. Finding the perfect gift can be stressful, especially when you’re looking to get something that will truly stand out from the crowd. One easy way to ensure your loved one will absolutely adore their gift is to personalize it to their specific tastes. At Shane Co., it’s easy to customize a gift with options like engraving, semimount pendants and more.


Coordinates engraved on gold bar necklace.

Did you know Shane Co. has a flat $40 fee on all engravings? This means that no matter what you want engraved, it’s the same price — always. Of course, there are hundreds of ways to engrave a piece to make it extra special for the person you’re giving it to, including:

  • Add their initials or first name to a gold bar necklace for a customized look they can wear every day
  • Engrave their school letters onto a signet ring for a graduation surprise
  • Have them wear their new baby’s name on a sweet bar bracelet — they can even add a stack with different names as their family begins to grow!
  • Etch in the coordinates of where you met them, or your hometown, for a sweet memory
  • Engrave their favorite short quote on the inside of a beautiful band
  • Make friendship bracelets by creating engravings with a two-part quote, such as one person wearing “To infinity” and the other wearing “and beyond”

Shop all engravable pieces on to see more.

Design Your Own

Design your own pendants.

Choose their favorite stone and a unique setting for a personalized piece they’ll love to wear. Whether you’re looking for something classic or with a little more vintage or contemporary style, Shane Co. has over 100 customizable necklaces and over 70 customizable fashion rings that allow you to choose a diamond, ruby, or sapphire in 16 different colors.

A customized pendant necklace is the perfect choice for anyone in the family, with hand-picked stones that are backed by our comprehensive Free Lifetime Warranty.

Our selection of design-your-own rings will also feature the center stone of your choice, with styles in 14k yellow, white and rose gold.

The Family Collection

Family Collection necklace.

Looking to customize with more than just one stone? The Family Collection offers the unique opportunity to personalize your piece with up to seven meaningful options! Choose a color to represent each member of their family, their favorite sports team, their alma mater, their birthstone and more. With both rings and necklaces to choose from, the Family Collection makes the perfect gift for anyone looking to deliver a personalized experience.


Loose birthstones.

Gifting your loved one a present of birthstone jewelry is a fun way to celebrate their uniqueness. Shane Co. has a wide selection of birthstone necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings for every month, making it easy to customize their gift.

Why Shop Shane Co.?

We make gift shopping easy, with our gift finder quiz, holiday gift guide, and a range of options no matter your style or budget. With the highest quality standards and directly sourced stones, we’re able to eliminate the middlemen without compromising the integrity of our products. Along with our Free Lifetime Warranty (that even includes your center stone), this holiday shopping season will be a breeze. Because that’s what a friend would do.

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