Everything You Wanted to Know about Cocktail Rings

There’s no doubt about it: Everyone loves a statement piece. But if you’ve ever been confused after hearing the term “cocktail ring,” don’t worry — we’re here to help.

What is a cocktail ring?

This standout piece of jewelry usually contains a larger-than-average focal point, such as a gemstone, with unique colors and shapes that create a statement look. They can be worn on any finger, though usually not the one reserved for an engagement or wedding ring. In their original incarnation, cocktail rings featured large center stones that were surrounded by accent gems, though this traditional definition has grown to include other styles over the years.

Why is it called a cocktail ring?

The history of the cocktail ring goes all the way back to the prohibition era of the 1920s. When alcohol was banned, illegal cocktail parties became the norm. This was also a period of social change, when women were beginning to enjoy greater freedom. Translated into fashion, this meant short skirts, short hair, flapper styles and greater spending power for females. The appearance of “gaudy” statement pieces and Art Deco jewelry was a way of expressing one’s personal style that was previously frowned upon. And with so many parties and events to attend, no one needed an excuse to show off their favorite pieces!

Are cocktail rings expensive?

Though prices can vary greatly in terms of the types of cocktail rings available, generally speaking, lower-priced gemstones are often used to great effect in today’s ring styles. This gives customers the opportunity to showcase oversized, colorful gems without the hefty price tag that can come along with diamond statement jewelry. As always, price also depends on the quality of materials being used — though it may cost a little more to use a high-quality gold, silver, or platinum, there’s less chance of unpleasant skin reactions and a greater chance of your ring lasting for years to come.

Our favorite styles

Shane Co. has a wide selection of stylish cocktail rings, with more being added all the time. Try out some of our favorite styles below.

Talk about a showstopper! This Emerald Cut Aquamarine Three-Stone Ring in 14k Rose Gold highlights three emerald cut aquamarine gemstones perfectly.

This Amethyst and Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold displays a statement-making cushion cut amethyst surrounded by 14 sparkling round diamonds.

This Morganite and Diamond Ring in 14k Rose Gold provides vintage flair with a classic cocktail ring style. Gorgeous blush-toned emerald cut morganite takes center stage as the focal point.

This Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring displays one beautiful emerald cut blue topaz with two sky blue topaz gemstones and 10 round diamonds complementing it gorgeously.

Looking for a little extra bling? This Morganite and Diamond Ring will certainly turn heads. With three oval morganite gemstones and 48 round diamonds, you’re sure to sparkle in this stunner.

Want to see more cocktail rings? Head over to ShaneCo.com to see our entire selection, or visit us in-store to speak with one of our noncommission sales experts to find out more. Our jewelry is made with the highest-quality metals and directly sourced hand-picked stones, for the best value for every budget. You can also “drop a hint” on your favorite styles to let your honey know what you really want.

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